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Certainty on the edge

The famous Dutch reliability is the golden standard for safe and responsible lifting with the corner protectors by Enduro Softslings.

  • Heavy duty HMPE is extremely resistant to abrasion, cuts, punctures and tears. When lifting sharp-edged loads they protect and improve the durability of your lifting equipment.
  • Velcro fasteners will allow you to easily change and adjust the protectors. Quick and efficient handeling on-site is a welcome feature when acting safely and swiftly is crucial.
  • Corner protectors can also be used to protect the object or sensitive load from damages caused by steel wire ropes or chains or repetitive loadouts.
  • The Enduro Softslings Corner Protectors are assembled out of 2 layers of 3mm HMPE. This makes them solid and though for heavy duty but they retain their felxibility as well.
  • Enduro Softslings uses special weaving  developed over years of experience. This makes our Corner Protectors maximal resistant to cuts and tears and will increase the safety during handling.
  • Use Corner Protectors to ensure the safety of your load and people at the slightest chance of flex fatigue, elongation or an empty cavity.



Care and protect

Vulnerable bearing points and angles, sharp edges and sensitive load asks protection. Enduro Softslings Corner Protectors are used on the sling  to protect your lifting equipment, load and above all, the people working onsite.  This will result in a increased safe working environment, longer lifespan of your slings or ropes and economic durability.

Made in our own factory based in The Netherlands means fast delivery times. Thereby the Corner Protectors can be modified or customized according to your specific requirements.

Our standard assortment*

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*Enduro Softslings Corner Protectors are available in standard versions and also with customized specifcations. Ask your sales representitive for the possibilities.