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Softsling Specials

The standard for unique applications

Nothing is so valuable as time. Reducing the number of preparatory movements during hitching and rigging, or even skipping some of these altogether means direct cost-savings. You can make this significant efficiency gain a constant factor with our high performance HMPE slings, providing you an ongoing advantage for the total lifting project in terms of increasing handling speed using less resources. Move faster towards the highest possible performance.

With Enduro Softslings, your preparation and production operations also benefit from our fast response time and ability to quickly make changes. We address every request personally and focus on every stage of production, delivery and service so that we can continuously ensure the quality of our products and our approach.



Engineered for complexity and precision

Complex lifting projects both on and offshore are becoming more common. Loads are getting bigger, heavier, and more sensitive, and the conditions more complex. With our high performance HMPE slings, you have the right tools in place to effectively address these new challenges. Where traditional lifting equipment falls short in terms of properties and workability, synthetic slings are a strong alternative.


Length tolerance down to the mm

The power of our production process lies in the precision of man and machine combined. We achieve a length tolerance in our slings down to the millimetre through continuous quality checks at material, process and output level. This assures you of a product that will always fit according to plan. This is the power of consistency.

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