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We will be happy to help you determine the level of certification required for ensuring that your project runs smoothly – all the way from the degree of traceability to any testing. We work with you to ensure that certification meets your client’s requirements, and is suitable for the location or type of project involved.

Online en blockchain guaranteed

All our slings come with a Manufacturer’s Certificate, stating the capacities, limits and dimensions of your product. Uniquely in our industry, our certificates are published on the Greenmarks platform. This provides you with the assurance that certificates are always available online, with the latest blockchain technology ensuring that, once registered, certificates cannot be altered. Scanning a QR code on the sling’s label makes the certificate and information about the sling available for anyone with a smartphone or tablet to view. This means that any sling user can look up more information than is stated as standard on the label.

Full traceable base material

The Manufacturer’s Certificate contains a reference to the raw materials used by Enduro Softslings. The initial test results and manufacturer’s details for these raw materials are available at all times. This makes it easy for users to identify the batch from which their sling was made.

3rd party verification

If desired, we can facilitate verification at product or production process level and through proof load testing with the involvement of an independent third party. Enduro Softslings cooperates with DNV, TÜV, Lloyds, SGS and ABS and is open to working with any other independent party. A visit to our production facility before or during the manufacture of your slings can be arranged on request.


In many cases, the proof loading of new or used slings will be required. Enduro Softslings can facilitate this, either in-house or on a partner site in the Netherlands or abroad. You can be present during proof loading yourself or arrange for an independent third party to attend.