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Pre Sale Services

Well begun is half done

Our engineers will be happy to take a look at the application you have planned to help you decide which Enduro Softslings will be the best solution for you. We have a great track record when it comes to satisfied customers and successful lifting operations and will be happy to take you through the various options and the benefits of our products.

Expert advice fast

Our Enduro Softslings sales engineers will be happy to work with you and provide advice, ensuring the best solution is found. This can be done at the concept, budget-setting, tender or purchasing phase. We have extensive experience and have seen many lifting operations at close quarters. We therefore understand the importance of efficient preparation and engineering and will always get back to you promptly.

Comprehensive offers

Een uitgebrachte aanbieding bevat uitgebreide informatie die u vanuit commercieel en technisch oogpunt nodig heeft om verder te kunnen met uw project. Aanvullend kunnen wij u voorzien van tekeningen, conceptcertificering of gedetailleerde technische informatie zoals drijfvermogen, afplatting en basismateriaal,. Heeft u een vraag of wenst u een aanbieding te ontvangen?

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Test products available

Keen to experience the efficiency and benefits of Enduro Softslings products for yourself? Ask about our test programme options. Enduro Softslings has a wide range of sample products available for testing purposes, without any obligation. We then take any feedback you give into account so that we provide you with the very best sling for your application.


Product training helps to improve organisational and operational efficiency. Getting things right at the start of a project is essential, and this is why Enduro Softslings provides various training courses for engineers, sales representatives, purchasing staff, riggers and lifting supervisors. Our professionals are happy to share their expertise in working with high-performance fibres for the heavy-lifting industry. If you have any questions or would like to request a specific training course:

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