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Partnership with Clean2Anywhere

We can’t do it alone. We need each other for a sustainable cycle. That is why we have partnered with the Clean2Anywhere initiative for a ‘crazy experiment’, according to their website. Clean2Anywhere is building a 17th century ship from recycled waste plastic. In addition to contributing technical knowledge that is relevant to the project, Enduro is also supplying Softslings raw materials, from residual waste from our production process and rejected slings, which is used among others for rigging. In doing so, we are pioneers, charting a circular future for HMPE. Follow Clean2Anywhere or invest in their project as a partner. Follow our latest developments with Clean2Anywhere here:

The butterfly effect

A small change can have a compounding impact. And while our softslings are only a small part in a much greater chain, we aspire to contribute to a sustainable future. How? By developing partnerships, as a product manufacturer, with our users (softsling maintenance), our dealer network (reuse and redistribute), and suppliers and third parties such as Clean2Anywhere. Our starting premise in everything we do is value preservation. Do you want to contribute to this evolution? We are happy to discuss this with you.

Recycling HMPE

Pushing back technical boundaries

As a manufacturer of HMPE softslings, we are very conscious of our contribution to the increase of plastics in our ecosystem. And while softslings have their benefits, e.g., in terms of CO2 emissions, there are always ways to be more sustainable. That is why we are continually pushing technical boundaries.

Recycling HMPE while preserving the product’s value and qualitative benefits is a complex matter. The reutilisation of scraps of residual material from production and of slings of varying quality that can no longer be used requires using smart techniques for high-quality applications. That is why we conduct various studies and tests, together with various partners, at both the elementary and practical level.

We fall down, get up again, have fun, and learn a lot in the process. But the most important thing is that we are making progress and that the initial results look very promising, offering optimistic prospects in terms of the recycling of HMPE.

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