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Heavy Lift Synthetic Softslings

Time saving and produced with pinpoint accuracy
Depending on your design criteria, the core can be composed. Thanks to our extremely accurate production method, you benefit from the smallest length tolerances.
WLLup to 1000t
MBLup to 3500t
EWL1mtr – 150mtr
Length toleranceDown to 10mm on request
Core materialHMPE, Aramide, PES, LCP
Safety factor<3.38 on request
Proofloadon request
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The cover protects the core of the sling. The design of the cover determines the lifespan of the sling, but also the pricing. The cover is available in 3 variants:
  • Neon Yellow Polyester
  • 1.3mm medium duty HMPE
  • 2.4mm Heavy Duty HMPE
The cover is constructed at Enduro Softslings in such a way that it can be repaired if necessary.
A multi-leg cover serves to keep the parts (legs) of the sling together and to provide it with an extra protective layer. Keeping it together aims to significantly improve handling. The multi leg cover can be produced in 2 versions: O-Shape: This is a round sleeve around 2 parts.
  • The cover offers excellent protection
  • It is not visible whether the sling is internally twisted
  • This cover is the best solution for loads with very sharp edges such as steel coils
X-Shape: This is a sleeve in which each part is packed in its own compartment.
  • In this cover it is perfectly visible whether a sling is free of twists and attacks
  • The cover is perfectly flexible and provides a great advantage in the handling of the slings.
The sling can be adapted to the project by means of various features:
  • Buoyancy Compensation:
  • RFID tag for easy identification, even remotely
  • ROV handles for easier positioning in hard-to-reach areas.
Wearpads are the extra protective covers that are applied to the slings in the places where they are attached to hooks or shackles. The wear pads form a wearing part and ensure a longer life of the sling. In addition, an additional possibility is provided to be able to move the lifting points so that the load will be properly distributed over both parts of the sling. Wearpads can be made from 2 materials:
  • 1.3mm Medium duty HMPE
  • 2.4mm Heavy Duty HMPE
Depending on the project requirements, different certification processes can be chosen. This trajectory can be arranged by different 3rd parties if desired:
  • Standard Certificate of conformity
  • Proof load
  • Length measurement report
  • Yarn Batch break test certificate

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In recent years Enduro Softslings has been closely involved in various heavy lift projects. This has provided a great deal of knowledge and insights with which we can help you select the right material for the right application. Invite us at an early stage to benefit from our knowledge without obligation.

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In the preparations and during the production process, you benefit from fast and clear communication at Enduro Softslings. We handle every request personally and are continuously involved in production, delivery and service. Our production is in-house and takes place in the Netherlands. This allows us to act very quickly and we have full control in every step of the (production) process.

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At Enduro Softslings, the focus is always on a long-term partnership. Not only in the purchase phase, but especially during operational usage. We strive for the longest possible lifespan of our soft slings. We can carry out inspection and repair of your products both on location and in our workshop. For more information about our vision on sustainability, view the sustainability page.

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