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Certainty on the edge

Traditional Dutch solidity is the reliable standard for safe and responsible lifting with the corner protectors from Enduro Softslings.


Strengthens and preserves

Enduro Wearpads have been developed to form an extra layer of protection between the sling and the bearing surface of the hook or shackle. By using the wearpad, the sling will wear less quickly. In addition, the sling can slide better by using the wearpad, so that the load will be better distributed over both parts of the sling.

Wearpads are available in different thicknesses and connection options and can be produced in custom dimensions.

Thicknesses1,3mm & 2,4mm
Connection methodVelcro / Shock cord and loops
OptionalApplying customer or dealer logo
Minimum widthapproximately 100mm, smaller on request
Maximum width10mtr, larger on request
Maximum length100mtr, longer on request

Multileg Covers

Wrap and connect

A multileg cover serves to keep the parts (legs) of the sling together and to provide an extra protective layer. Keeping them together aims to significantly improve handling.

The multi leg cover can be carried out in 2 versions:

O-Shape: This is a round sleeve around 2 wedges.

  • The cover offers excellent protection
  • It is not visible whether the sling is internally twisted
  • Best solution for loads with sharp edges such as steel coils

X-Shape: This is a sleeve in which each part is packed in its own compartment.

  • In this cover it is perfectly visible whether a sling is free of twists
  • The cover is perfectly flexible and provides a great advantage in the handling of the slings.
1,3 mm68 mm21 mm
1,3 mm93 mm29 mm
1,3 mm108 mm34 mm
1,3 mm115 mm36 mm
1,3 mm125 mm39 mm
3 mm80 mm24 mm
3 mm110 mm33 mm
3 mm130 mm39 mm
3 mm160 mm49 mm
3 mm190 mm59 mm
3 mm230 mm71 mm
3 mm260 mm81 mm
3 mm290 mm90 mm
3 mm310 mm97 mm
5 mm85 mm24 mm
5 mm115 mm33 mm
5 mm135 mm40 mm
5 mm160 mm48 mm
5 mm190 mm57 mm
5 mm230 mm70 mm
6 mm230 mm69 mm
6 mm260 mm79 mm
6 mm290 mm89 mm

Corner Protectors

Care and protect

Vulnerable bearing points and corners, sharp edges and sensitive loads require protection. Enduro Softslings Corner Protectors are used on the sling to protect your lifting equipment, the load and especially your people working on site. The result is increased safety of the working environment, longer life of your slings or ropes and economic sustainability.

Our corner protectors are made in our own factory in the Netherlands. This means fast delivery times and controlled quality. In addition, the corner protectors can be adapted or designed to meet your specific requirements.

ProductcodeWidthLengthQty fasteners

Traditional Dutch solidity as the reliable standard for safe and responsible lifting with the corner protectors from Enduro Softslings.

  • Heavy duty HMPE is extremely resistant to abrasion, cuts, punctures and tears. It protects your lifting equipment and thus improves durability.
  • Velcro closures make it easy to fit and adjust the protectors. Quick and efficient. Indispensable when safe and adequate action is crucial.
  • Corner protectors can also be used to protect the object or sensitive load from damage from wire ropes or chains or repetitive handling.
  • The Enduro Softslings corner protectors are composed of 2 layers of 3 mm HMPE.
  • This makes them sturdy and strong, but they retain their flexibility.
  • Enduro Softslings use special fabric developed through years of experience. This makes our corner protectors maximally resistant to cut damage and tearing and increases safety.
  • Use corner protectors to ensure the safety of your load and people in the event of the slightest chance of bending fatigue, stretch or voids.

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