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Manufacturing Service

Our production facility is almost fully automated. This offers major benefits such as accurate specifications, product repeatability, and the exclusion of production errors. Thanks to the combination with our flexible production, this increases the business agility of Enduro Softslings. As a result, the chance of missing production deadlines is eliminated. Downtime is limited to a minimum.


Because many of our processes are automated, our slings are produced without any human intervention, resulting in products with very tight tolerances in terms of length and diameter. The length of your slings is monitored throughout the entire production process. We make sure that the length of your sling matches the specifications exactly. Our standard length tolerances are: 0 m to 16 m EWL: ±10mm, 16 m to 37 m EWL: ±20mm and 37 m or longer EWL: ±1% absolute and ±0.5% relative.


We also keep a production log for every sling we produce. In it, we log all the production parameters. If you need an identical sling after a month or even a year, we can produce an exact copy to the specifications in the production log. This also means we no longer need to keep matched pairs and that we can supplement or replace the slings of a single lifting set.